cowork newsInclusive Holiday Celebrations for Remote Workers: A Guide

Inclusive Holiday Celebrations for Remote Workers: A Guide

Inclusive Holiday Celebrations for Remote Workers: A Guide

The Generator Hub co-working space in Exeter provides office space and desk space to a diverse and dynamic group of remote and hybrid workers and teams.  We know that as December approaches, in-person holiday parties are making a comeback.  Whilst we enjoy hosting our own Christmas party for our Exeter office, it is essential for businesses to consider the 58% of employees working remotely, as highlighted by a recent McKinsey study. Amid the surge in in-person celebrations (56.9% compared to 26.6% in 2021), ensuring remote workers feel included is crucial. Here are three tips that businesses in Exeter, Devon and beyond may wish to consider to make sure that their employees feel part of the celebrations, regardless of Geographic location :

  • Host a Remote Party Segment:
    • Combine in-person festivities with a dedicated remote session.
    • Encourage festive attire and provide virtual backgrounds.
    • Incorporate a structured program with success celebrations and virtual breakout rooms to facilitate interactions.


  • Gifts for Everyone:
    • Extend the same perks to remote employees—meals, snacks, and company swag.
    • Personalise gifts based on preferences, including gift cards or snack boxes.
    • Be mindful of diverse preferences, such as non-alcoholic options for inclusive gifting.
  • Embrace Inclusivity:
    • Acknowledge diverse celebrations by using “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.”
    • Opt for inclusive terms like “White Elephant Exchange” over “Secret Santa.”
    • Allow flexibility in participation and avoid making attendance mandatory.


      By incorporating these inclusive practices into your holiday planning, both in-office and remote employees can enjoy a festive and communal celebration.  If you are interested in reading the original article, please explore HERE

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